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Hazuki KnifeHazuki 刃月 knife sharpening in Sydney

Knife Shop, Sharpening Classes and Services

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the Mesmerizing Beauty of Knife Sharpening

Under the Watchful Eye of an Expert

Touch Up and Sharpening Classes

Our Touch Up Class is about 45 min long and you will be able to temporarily restore the edge in a minute with a honing rod, whetstone, and strop.

Our Sharpening Class is about 3.5 hr long and you will be able to re-create the edge with whetstones and a strop. You will be able to maintain and make your knives very sharp by yourself.

You will :
Learn on the basis of our informative and constructive presentation slides.
Understand the fundamental knowledge of knives and sharpening.
Understand common issues and pitfalls.
Gain our simple and proven techniques.
Be able to sharpen by yourself from the day one like almost every student with us.
Get a viewing access to our class resource and practical video for you to use as a refresher.


Theory component of workshop was very informative with good powerpoint presentation, making it easy to understand different knife types, materials and sharpening techniques. Practical component was easy for me to get a grasp of with Nari's excellent instruction. Nari has a pleasing and friendly manner making you feel comfortable and providing a good environment for learning. 10/10

Shane / Apr 2023

The class with Nari was amazing! I learnt so much theoretical and practical knowledge and can sharpen my knives now myself. Highly recommend the course for any chef or home cook. Also, Nari took the time to explain everything and got sure I understand it as well.

Michaela / Sep 2023

I’ve done Japanese knife sharpening classes before, but this was far better. The key thing is, it’s a small class. Mine only had two other people so you get a personalized attention. He goes into the theory and then you get hands on with Nari-sensei’s watching and guiding you. The whetstones were much better quality than my other class and you got much more time actually sharpening.

Daniel / Aug 2023

Sharpening Services

Bring Out the Best in Your Knives

Let the Specialist Look After Your Blades

We offer

  • Basic Sharpening Service
  • Repair and Thinning Service

Service Modes

  • Dropoff/Visit at our locations
  • Mobile/Pickup at your locations
  • Postal

Types of Blades and Tools

Kitchen knives, serrated knives (e.g., bread knives), outdoor knives, garden tools, woodworking tools, scissors, etc.

Service Flow

  1. Contact us and tell us your knife problems.
  2. Send us a photo/s of your knives if possible and get a quote.
  3. We discuss the best mode for you.
  4. We book you in, or you post your knives to us.
  5. We do the job and return your knives.
  6. Payment is made when the knives are returned.
    Cash, EFTPOS and bank transfer payments are available.

Our Way

Japanese Whetstone Sharpening

Free-Hand Method

What is the free-hand whetstone sharpening method? It is one of the most preferred and popular methods in many industries including the culinary industry.

Holistic Approach

We don't just put a cutting edge on your knives like many others do. We take a holistic approach to improve your knife performance. The overall knife performance depends on the combination of sharp edge, thinness, geometry, profile, smoothness, types of steel, and more. We access these factors and bring out the best in your knives.

Meet the Specialist

About Nari Watabe


Japan Knife Sharpening Association

We are a member of Japan Houchou Togi Association, 日本包丁研ぎ協会. We are committed to continues improvements of our skills and knowledge and ensure our service is high standard to our customers.