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Petty ペティ is a small version of the multi-purpose Gyuto knife and is typically available in lengths from 80mm to 150mm. It is suitable for basically anyone and perfect for intricate cutting tasks as well as peeling fruits and veggies in the hand off the chopping boards. It is nimble for trimming small fruits for breakfast and quick to clean in a rush. It comes from the French word “Petite”. Paring knives are usually considered to be in the short range of the petty knives.

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Tsunehisa - VG10 Mono-steel Migaki 150mm PettyTsunehisa - VG10 Mono-steel Migaki 150mm Petty
Tsunehisa - Ginsan Migaki 80mm PettyTsunehisa - Ginsan Migaki 80mm Petty