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Introduction to Knife Sharpening

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The Class

This 3 hour class aims to equip you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to produce excellent results at the sharpening bench. Nari has designed his class around the establishment of strong knowledge and technique for those new to sharpening or with some experience who wish to gain knowledge and hone their skills. It will introduce pitfalls that many people fall into, so the students won't keep scratching their heads. 

This class is based on double-bevelled knives.

It will equip you with ability to maintain your knives in short interval sharpening sessions (daily, weekly, or monthly) as well as long interval sharpening sessions(monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly). A short interval sharpening typically takes only a couple of minutes. A long interval sharpening typically takes about 15 minutes. 

This class includes, but is not limited to;

  • Overview of different forms of sharpening
  • Basic knowledge on kitchen knives
    • Understanding western knives and Japanese knives
    • Anatomy, construction, and materials of knives
    • Understanding types of steels
    • Understanding hard steel and tough steel and their outcomes on knives
  • Basic knowledge on sharpening
    • Understanding what makes a knife perform well, and on what foods
    • Introduction to whetstones
    • How to make discerning choice on whetstones for your own knives
  • Practical Skills
    • Short interval and long interval sharpening techniques
    • Assessing your knife and the work required to bring it to a keen edge
    • Posture and position
    • Flattening whetstones
    • Techniques to remove chips and broken tip and to fix the blade line
    • Techniques to determine sharpening angles
    • Techniques to maintain consistent angles along the curved segment
    • Techniques to inspect the progress and feel for the burr (a sign of the completion of a sharpening process)
    • Techniques to remove the primary burr and secondary burr
    • Test cutting 

This is, of course, an opportunity to work on your own knives under the watchful eye of an expert. As well as whatever knives that you would like to sharpen, we encourage you to bring with all of the questions about sharpening you always wished  you could ask someone who knew. 

The Venues

  • Japanese Tools Australia in Kogarah, NSW
    Click here for the classes at JTA
  • Hazuki Workshop in Leonay, NSW
    62 Leonay Parade, Leonay
  • Provider Store's Workshop in Surry Hills, NSW
    7-9 Flinders Street, Surry Hills, NSW
    Note: Not their store on Riley St.

We are currently working on increasing number of venues for the classes.

Contact us to register your interest

If the location or the range of time slots doesn't work with you, please contact us to register your interest, so that we can work out something for you. Contact us.

Introduction to Knife Sharpening
Introduction to Knife Sharpening Sale price$220.00