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You can make your knives very sharp by yourself from day one

Knife Sharpening Class

All knives go dull eventually

Even expensive knives made of quality steel for high edge retention go dull in a matter of months. Knives made of soft steel can go dull in as quickly as 10 mins of good use in commercial environments. Whatever your knives are, you need to maintain the sharp edge to do what they are meant to do.

Maintenance Cycle: Touch up, Sharpening, and Thinning

A touch up is a very quick and easy way to restore only the very apex without removing much steel and is usually done multiple times before sharpening. Sharpening removes enough steel to create a new edge. Thinning makes the blade thin again after multiple sharpening sessions. Please read Maintenance Cycle for details.

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 Touch Up Class Sharpening Class
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Cara Dowling

Fantastic class. Highly recommended. Nari was a great teacher - I learned a lot. I had been putting of sharpening at home because I was worried about damaging my nice knives - this gave me a lot of confidence. Perfect amount of time too - I didn’t feel rushed and I managed to get a bunch of my knives sharpened. Thanks Nari!



Very valuable experience and knowledge you gain from it is amazing. Nari's teaching structure is really good, giving you the concepts and hands on experience for knives you'll typically use in the kitchen. After attending the session, have more confidence in myself in sharpening my Japanese knives. Key take out, blunt knives are dangerous in the kitchen however extremely sharp knives may not work either. The sharpness is to be fit for purpose.

Ross Fairleigh


An epic and life changing event. A character filled wooden venue with the wonderful aroma of wood working. The tutor has extraordinary teaching qualitys delivered gently with charm, wit, humility and impressive technical skill mastery. I work as a professional chef. My knives have never been so incredibly sharp, thankyou for changing the colour of my work day.

What does a sharpening mean?

By our definition, sharpening is a process of removing a sufficient amount of steel from the secondary bevel and re-establishing an edge. Generally speaking, a knife should only take a few minutes to up to about 15 min to sharpen on whetstones, depending on the condition, blade length, objectives, and material.

Class Description

Class Duration

This three-and-a-half-hour class aims to equip students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to produce excellent results at the sharpening bench. The first one-and-a-half hours covers theory and the remaining time teaches you practical skills with a short break in between. Half an hour is available for questions and discussion.

You Will Be Flying From Day One

Free-hand knife sharpening on waterstones may look daunting and intimidating, but it is actually not that difficult. Particularly if you learn our simple and proven way designed for everyone. You will work on knives under the watchful eye of an expert, so that any individual sharpening problems will be addressed. You will be able to touch up and sharpen by yourself by the end of the class.

Please note:

This class is for sharpening double bevel knives - the most common household knife.

Knowledge required:

Beginner friendly. Perfect for any foodie enthusiast and for chefs who are just starting out or have not been properly taught by a knife specialist.

What to bring:

  • You can sharpen our practice knives or your own kitchen knives, so you are welcome to bring your own knives to sharpen. Please bring your knives in an appropriate material such as a tea towel, knife case, roll, or bag. 
  • We have whetstones, strops, and other accessories for you to use in the class, but you can bring your own too and see what works best for you. We also sell the whetstones, strops, and accessories that we recommend using in the class.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts.
  • Please wear closed-in shoes.

Presentation Slides and Practical Skills Video:

You will be given viewing access to our class presentation slides and practical skills video after the class for your refresher.

Top Reasons Students Attended

Very Satisfying

It's an art that can be meditative and therapeutic.

Lifelong and Valuable Skill Set

Skills and knowledge that we use very often for a long time.


Always getting them professionally sharpened can quickly add up.